Upcoming events:

The next IB information meeting is February 6 @ 6 PM in the auditorium. Open to current 8th graders, current 9th (those currently at Skyline and out of boundaries) and some current 10th grade students may be able to jump in the program depending on their classes.

Building A Better You – February 11 during lunch

The next PTSA meeting is January 15 at 12:30 pm.

Collin Kartchner is speaking February 19 at an assembly in the Skyline auditorium. Parents are welcome. More information can be found on his website by clicking here.

On May 4, there will be a “Cinco de Mayo” celebration with a taco truck. Please contribute where possible to offset the costs. You can donate to the Skyline PTSA Teacher Appreciation Fund through PayPal. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a proctor for AP and IB testing in the spring, we are in need of volunteers to be fingerprinted through the district to supervise testing to free up teachers and counselors during the testing period. If you are interested in getting fingerprinted, please contact Kim Lovato in the main office to start the process.

The 2018-2019 proposed updated budget can be found by clicking here.

The 2018-2019 teacher grant form and information can be found by clicking here.

Welcome to Skyline High School PTSA.   There are many activities that PTSA will be involved with this year at Skyline: Reflections, Dances, Hospitality, Teacher Appreciation, and so much more.  We hope you will have an opportunity to get involved!  If you are interested in donating to Skyline PTSA click on this link. You can select where you want your donation to go, if you would like.

Click below to get more information about the programs and how you can help.

Reflections Information regarding the Reflections contest. Click for more information.

Volunteer Coordinator Information about volunteering.

Stomps and Dances The PTSA helps with the Back to School Stomp and other dances.

Website and Technology Click here for more information.


Teacher Appreciation


Graduation Party


Teacher Grants


Picture Day

Building A Better You Monthly Meeting