Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drive

A HUGE shout out to all Skyline students, parents, friends, faculty, and staff who helped earn money for Skyline’s annual Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drive.  It was a two week campaign facilitated by the SBOs which included a competition between Olympus and Skyline.

As you have probably already heard, Skyline handily beat Olympus by raising $40,800 and 6,571 cans!  Olympus raised $25,138 for a combined total of $65,938 and 6,571 cans!
With the buying power of the Utah Food Bank, that amount converts to almost $515,000 to feed the over 44,000 children in Granite District that go hungry each day.
Skyline set a new record for most money raised by a Utah school for Souper Bowl of Caring.  The old record, held by Bingham, was $25,000.  We not only beat that record, we CRUSHED it!
While it is always satisfying to “beat” our rival, it is great to realize the good that our community can do as we pull together for a common cause.
Thanks for your support of this worthwhile cause. Make sure to acknowledge your students for their help in this great effort.  We can all be proud eagle parents!

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